Technologies We Support

At Vinciht we treat hair loss problems with our state of art Techniques. We perform transplants via the FUE method which is a minimally invasive technique. Consequently FUE does not leave any scar or scarring doubts. Grafts of donor hair is extracted along with the hair follicles and transplanted into the incisions made in the recipient area. This is a one day procedure and takes around 4 hours .

Platelets Rich Plasma is a treatment which is non invasive. This technique is used to boost hair rejuvenation and accelerate hair growth by injecting platelets into the scalp, under tropical anesthesia. Our blood is the source of these platelets, which are abundant in proteins that enhance growth. PRP has proven to be one of the most effective healing treatments and has in a revolutionized the hair transplant industry too.

Another technique used for transplants is the hair grafting technique. This is a more invasive in nature and uses thin strips cut off from the donor site for harvesting the grafts. This procedure is recommended in more severe cases.