Crown Hair Transplant Treatment

Tricologists will tell you that more than 90% of their male clients are a victim of a condition called the Male Pattern baldness, which is essentially, loss of hair at the crown. It is a condition that has a lot to do with genetics. However, it also is the inevitable outcome of the biological structure of a man’s hair at his crown. Women also suffer from the same but the ratio as compared to men is far less. Loss of hair at the crown is a condition that progresses with age. Hence in all honesty, we at Vincinht recommend a relook for such a hair transplant if someone is below the age of 35. The decision to perform a transplant at the crown usually implies to a larger area of transplant since the baldness at the crown progresses fast. It should also be understood that though one session of transplant may cover the current bald patch, the natural hair around the transplanted hair may fall off in the course of time, paving the need for more transplants in future to balance the look.