Cost Analyzer

About Hair Transplant Cost

Hair restoration is a complex procedure that is contingent upon a number of elements, which may play a role in the hair transplant cost . Positive results depend on the careful determination of the patient’s characteristics, the hairline design, donor harvesting, graft survival, incision and insertion, post-operative care and adjunct therapy. The hair transplant cost varies dependent upon the patient’s needs and goals, the surgeon’s skill level and artistry, the technique employed and the location where the procedure will be carried out.

At Asmed, our aim is to create an optimum appearance of fullness and naturalness. Because of the fluctuation in the number of grafts required to obtain the sought-after look, our hair transplant cost is charged per graft. Hair characteristics (color, curl and caliber)will not effect the actual hair transplant cost ; however, the extent of the alopecia condition and patient expectations will most definitely influence graft number. However, it is not strictly graft number or technique that must be taken into account.

The following items are considered within the hair transplant price