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About Us VinciHT

At VinciHT, hair transplant is not the only a treatment for your hair loss and lost crowning glory, it about us helping you to get your confidence back. Hair loss can be devastating for anyone, especially the youth. According to the data available, till 2017 and today too, the Indian demographic has been dominated by the youth. The same age bracket is also the most affected by the problems of hair loss, as any tricologist will verify. Tricologists in fact state that the age of youth affected is as low as 20 years too in some cases. We understand what hair loss does. We are here to listen to you, address you concerns and most importantly we are here to help you because we can. At VinciHT we listen to you when we meet you for a consultation. Durong the course of this meeting, we try and understand what might be the factors leading to your hair loss problems. As popularly believed, it not always genetics that cause hair loss.

Some of the causes that hair loss are
Expertise in hair transplant surgery

We also hold expertise in hair transplant surgery for facial hair for eyebrows, beard, moustache and side burns. Many a times people who had undergone hair transplant earlier, come to us seeking rectification of a blotched job done previously. We listen to your concern and help you with resolutions.

As far as the technique is concerned we use the minimally invasive method called the FUE also called Follicular Unit Extraction. We also practice Grafting which is a more surgical procedure since cases with severe hair loss demands this procedure.

We are team of experts with ……. Years of experience consists of clinical dermatologists, practicing physicians, and research scientists. We work hand in hand with technology and hence have our own state-of-the-art and we treat both men and women struggling with hair loss problems . This industry is constantly eveolving with new techniques and breakthrough being achieved. Hence we like to keep ourselves and our staff abreast and updated for which we are constantly training to maintain our quality of services provided. A part of the same also extends towards investments in Hair Transplant Instruments.

For us at VinciHT, you trust is our strength. We are committed to our goal of providing permanent solutions for your hair. With us you are in good hands